Enjoy the Best Outdoor Activity in Nepal

Nepal is the home for the different outdoor activity. This is the best place for the rafting, hiking, paragliding and lot more. You can visit the place and enjoy the different activity. If you are looking for the best destination for rafting, this is the best choice for you. This is suitable rafting destination for the travel enthusiasts. You can benefit from the Rafting in Nepal. There are lots of rivers present in the region. It is pleasantly an adventure paradise. You can choose the best river for this activity. You can discover many rivers in Nepal. You can never the chance to enjoy the rafting. Some of the popular rivers like,

Rafting in Nepal

• Sun Koshi River
• Seti River
• Bhote Koshi River
• Kali Gandaki River
• Marsyandi River
• Arun River
• Tamur River and others

The rafting adventure is varied for the different river. You can get the thrilling experience in the popular river. You can access the various adventurous activities from Nepal. It is the great opportunity for the people to discover the remote countryside from the river. While rafting on the river, you can access the stunning view of the malaku, Everest and Kanchenjunga. You can take pleasure from the quieter section of the river.

Choose the best activity:

It is an important concern for the travelers. Based on the body, you can utilize the best activity. Hiking is one of the major activities in Nepal region. You can remote villages and know the culture and tradition of the people. You can access the best agency and get the adventure activity in Nepal. Hiking in Nepal gives something different feeling to the people. You can get the package at the reasonable price. You can receive the customized services from the agent. You can browse the trending package for the hiking activity.


The bird watching takes you to the natural experience. There are different species of birds available in Nepal. The travelers visit the better wildlife reserve and view the wide range of the birds. You can check the cost of the Bird Watching Tour in Nepal. You can watch the different birds at the fabulous wildlife reserve. You can make use of the equipment such as binocular, telescope and others. Nepal is the best place where the travelers see the best bird watching experience. It is best for the natural scenery and culture and tradition contrasts. The birds and nature are the great attraction of the visitor.


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