Enjoy your holidays in Nepal with adventure activities

Nepal is a great destination to do different kinds of adventure activities. It provides numerous activities like safari, hiking, rafting, trekking and much more. It explores the range of treks to the adventure lovers. From the travel agents, you acquire the best service. They offer perfect local trekking service to all clients. You acquire tips how to rafting in the destination. You may also visit sightseeing and mountaineering places in Nepal. Highly experienced staffs offer guidance to travelers to do any activities in the correct way. They designed various programs for tourists to visit admired tourist attractions in the destination.

Rafting in Nepal

Rafting in Nepal is specially designed for students to enjoy a lot in the adventure. It will be hosted on the Nepal River like Kali Gandak, Seti, and Trisuli. It is arranged based on the time of the year. It offers for all age students. They offer expert staff to ensure safety to participants. It is an exciting activity which offers fun and entertainment to people. Participants raft on the water and gain thrilling and striking experience. Travel agents guide you how to raft on the river. They allow you to spend more time on the water activity.

Satisfied service by experts:

Hiking in Nepal allows exploring wonderful and beautiful scenery places in the adventure. It is as a common adventure activity which chosen by most the tourists. In fact, gorgeous, diverse culture and perfect trekking routes are avails in the treks. In Nepal, you might find lots of short treks to enjoy your vacation days. With the help of an expert guide you hike mountains peaks. It gives beautiful sunrise’s views and other tourist attraction places to the tourists. It gives chance to see some unexplored places.

Amazing experience on safari:


Safari in Nepal allows people to see the fascinating diversity of nature. It provides a beautiful view of terraced middle hills, Crystal Mountains and flat plains. Some areas in Nepal have declared as wildlife reserves and national parks. The safari allows you to explore wildlife. Travel agents arrange safaris such as Royal Chitwan National Park, Royal Suklaphat Wildlife Reserve, and Bardia National Park. Lots of rafting trips are passing through in Nepal. It is recommended to relax and gain experience of the wildlife. You might some wildlife such as birds, deer, monkeys, rhinos and etc. Through jeep, you can go safari in the destination.


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